DIY Hydrogen Generator – How to Make a Hydrogen Generator

>By Jim M. Jones

Hydrogen fuel cars are already on the streets of many countries. Chrysler, Honda and Mercedes-Benz have already manufactured hydrogen vehicles and many other car companies are going to follow their example.

With the launching of hydrogen cars, many car owners no longer have to worry about gas prices. Unfortunately, buying a hybrid is beyond the financial means for most people. In this case, converting your existing car to a hybrid is the best solution.

By converting your vehicle to burn hydrogen you can:

  • Get gas mileage improvements of more than 50% and save thousands of dollars on gas every year.
  • Reduce the effects of global warming.
  • Get an eco-friendly car that produces cleaner exhaust emissions.
  • Reduce your car’s maintenance costs.
  • Get a quieter engine.

Building your own hydrogen generator is very easy to do, if you get access to reliable and comprehensive information.

Hydrogen generators function is based on a chemical reaction. Water is broken into its components: hydrogen and oxygen. This process is called electrolysis, which applies an electric current that splits the water molecules into 2 parts of Hydrogen and 1 part of Oxygen. As you may know, we can’t create or destroy energy but we can “rearrange” it into different forms. In this case we simply rearrange H2O into a very powerful fuel, which is called HHO.

HHO doesn’t replace gasoline, but it does help your engine burn gas much more efficiently. This results in a big increase in fuel economy.
The materials for making a homemade hydrogen car generator are very affordable and can be found at your local hardware store. The parts are: baking soda, electrical wiring, cement, a sealed quart-size container, cpvc pipes, a vacuum hose etc.
The majority of existing cars can be modified to burn hydrogen and the conversion process is very easy, even if your have minimal mechanical skills.

More and more people all over the country are building their own hydrogen generators and save hundreds of dollars on gas every month.

Do you want to build your very own hydrogen generator and save thousands of dollars on gas cost?

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